Intransience: The art of memory

A multimedia installation examining the legacy of the West Pier is currently in progress, which asks – How do places survive through stories? And what if we could, collectively, decide how the West Pier will be remembered?

A site-specific immersive installation, the work aims to create a debate around the construction of a legacy for a place on the verge of destruction.

Intransience art workDrawing on the uncertainty which has surrounded the pier since its closure in 1975, the project’s creators are seeking to enable an alternative narrative for the pier – one as much about the audience and their experiences – as about the pier itself.

The project, created by Yasmeen Ayyashi, currently completing her MA in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, is now looking for funding and sponsorship in order for it to be realised in the summer of 2017.

Intransience art work

We will be following the project’s progress on our website in the next few months. To find out more visit the INTRANSIENCE Instagram.

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