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Captain Camp and the Bottom Scratchers – 25th April 2024

Paul Farrington has swam in the sea by the Palace Pier … Read more

Soaring over the West Pier: Drone Filming West Pier Ruins – 1st February 2024

In 2023 Sam Moore filmed the West Pier one early May mo … Read more


The next exhibition at the West Pier Centre is Contempo … Read more

Walking on Water: Some new West Pier stories – 23rd November 2023

Some new West Pier stories In the 25 years since Walkin … Read more

Pierspace – 6th July 2023

The next exhibition at the West Pier Centre, Pierspace, … Read more

Moments of the West Pier captured in Art – 28th September 2023

A talk by Jackie Marsh-Hobbs  The life of the West Pier … Read more

The Brighton Evening Argus Photo Archive – 26th October 2023

Andy Garth of Brighton and Hove Stuff presents an inter … Read more

Study Day: Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ – 18th July 2023

A study of social, cultural, local and seaside pier his … Read more

Study Day: Patrick Hamilton’s ‘The West Pier’ – 24th October 2023

An afternoon study at The West Pier Centre of social, c … Read more

West Pier Art Exhibition 6th April 2023

Exhibition runs until 3rd July 2023 The next exhibition … Read more

A Journey through Brighton and Hove’s Women’s History 24th August 2023

For the last couple of centuries Brighton and Hove’s hi … Read more

Naked and Unashamed: Uncovering the History of Nudism in Britain 27th July 2023

From the first nudist camps of the 1920s to the launch … Read more

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