Golden beginnings for new West Pier heritage centre

Work is underway for the development of a new promenade space which celebrates the West Pier and its history. Opening this summer, the site, which lies east of BAi360, will feature a ‘Golden Spiral’ made up of salvaged West Pier columns.  Once restored, an original 1866 West Pier kiosk will also become a key feature of the scheme.

West Pier kiosk West Pier event space







Most of the work will be funded by Brighton and Hove City Council’s income from the BAi360. The West Pier Trust will be fundraising to restore one of the pier’s original octagonal kiosks, which will house a new heritage centre.

The site’s Golden Spiral will be constructed from twenty-four of the pier’s original cast-iron columns and features a central plaque commemorating the work and life of pier creator, Eugenius Birch.

The spiral is based on the Golden Ratio, a mathematical equation commonly found in nature, and when used in design, fosters an organic and natural looking composition that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Golden Ratio








For further information about the development go to the Brighton and Hove City Council website or visit the site in person, located on the eastern side of the BAi360, where hoardings detail the project in full.

Fundraising for the West Pier heritage centre will start in the next few months – look out for more information about how you can get involved.

Kiosk image copyright John Burrell/Burrell Foley Fisher LLP

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