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The Extraordinary Life and Times of Thomas Kemp of Kemptown – 23rd May 2024

In 1823, local landowner Thomas Kemp conceived the idea of a magnificent new and fashionable estate east of Brighton that was to bear his name. Things did not go as well as he had hoped! Come and listen to a talk which tells the story of this fascinating man and … Read more

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What the Sixties did to/for Brighton – 27th June 2024

The sixties was a decade of enormous change: from tower blocks, traffic jams and Sussex University to supermarkets, alternative lifestyles and mods and rockers. This talk will draw on the wealth of photographic and other evidence to chart and perhaps explain the era of ‘You’ve never had it so good’. … Read more

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Daniel Defoe’s tour of South East England 1724 – 18th July 2024

Daniel Defoe is known to all as the author of Robinson Crusoe, but he was much more than the country’s first novelist. In 1724 was published his ‘Whole tour of the island of Great Britain’ and this talk will look at his journey through SE England in particular, 300 years … Read more

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Why are we obsessed with crime? – 15th August 2024

Crime fiction’s popularity shows no sign of waning. If anything, over the last decade it’s taken an even more central place on our bookshelves and TV screens. Local crime fiction author William Shaw, whose work is set in and around Dungeness, thinks he has an answer – and it’s probably … Read more

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Socks and Sandals: Fashion faux-pas or political statement? – 19th September 2024

This talk examines a much-ridiculed aspect of British seaside dress. More than an unfashionable solution to the vagaries of the weather, however, wearing socks and sandals can be surprisingly radical. This talk charts their origins, their intersection with the history of socialism, and their association with local figures and events, … Read more

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