The West Pier Centre: Celebrating the West Pier

West Pier 164
The West Pier Centre is situated on the seafront overlooking the old pier and beautiful West Pier Golden Spiral. From an office and information point, to a shop, gallery and events venue, the West Pier Centre exists as an attraction for tourists as well as a valuable community resource for the city’s residents.

Located in one of the seafront arches to the east of Brighton i360, the West Pier Centre sits within the beautifully designed West Pier Piazza. Dedicated to the heritage of the West Pier, the Piazza celebrates the pier’s unique place in the city’s history and its iconic status for the residents of Brighton and Hove.

Also located within the Piazza, is the West Pier Golden Spiral designed by Fiona Atkinson, which incorporates twenty four original West Pier columns commemorating the West Pier and its architect Eugenius Birch.

The columns were expertly restored by the Swan Foundry in Oxfordshire, with each column set in a beautiful cast-iron base designed and produced by artist and sculptor Steve Geliot.

A large flexible community space for everyone to enjoy, the new West Pier Piazza, West Pier Centre and Golden Spiral are also illuminated at night, allowing visitors to experience the vision of the spiral and seafront after the sun goes down.



West Pier Trust Chairman Michael Farthing, formerly of Sussex University, said of the centre:

"The West Pier Centre is a wonderful celebration of the old pier. Open and accessible to all, we hope you’ll soon visit us to learn more about our past and our exciting future."

Rachel Clark, West Pier Chief Executive says of the centre, "The West Pier Centre is a great resource for the community; from families, school parties and new visitors to the city – to everyone who has always loved the West Pier and its history".

The West Pier Centre is the Trust’s seafront home.


West Pier Centre opening times

Open everyday except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11am - 4.30pm

Occasionally, in bad weather or to hold Trust meetings we may have to close. Please contact 01273 321499 or to check.

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