Socks and Sandals: Fashion faux-pas or political statement? – 19th September 2024

This talk examines a much-ridiculed aspect of British seaside dress. More than an unfashionable solution to the vagaries of the weather, however, wearing socks and sandals can be surprisingly radical. This talk charts their origins, their intersection with the history of socialism, and their association with local figures and events, from the Brighton-born poet Edward Carpenter [1844-1929] to Jeremy Corbyn’s 2015 Labour Party conference speech.

Talk includes a complimentary glass of wine

Annebella Pollen is Professor of Visual and Material Culture at University of Brighton. She is the author of five books of art and design history. This is her third talk for West Pier Trust. Previous topics covered the history of nudism and flirtatious messages written on Edwardian postcards sent from Brighton.

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