Roger Bamber Come In Number 42

Roger Bamber and the West Pier: The image and the story

I first began photographing the West Pier in 1988. It was just after I’d left the Sun and had joined the Observer, and shortly after that began working for the Guardian as well. The Observer and Guardian both used dramatic “stand alones” – pictures that were reliant on their visual merit with just a small…
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The Golden Spiral: A story of the West Pier in twenty-four columns

The twenty-four cast-iron columns now standing within The Piazza, east of the British Airways i360, were originally part of the substructure of the West Pier. The Piazza is an area dedicated to the heritage of the West Pier, celebrating its unique personality and charm. A large flexible space for visitors to enjoy. It’s part of…
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west pier ruin

West Pier Ruin – Danger Warning

The West Pier ruin is not stable, it is unsafe and liable to collapse. On the seabed there are many sharp obstructions which could cause serious injury. Often these are beneath the water and not visible. Please keep away from the structure at all times. Do not swim, surf, kayak or sail near it.
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New Chairman for West Pier Trust

We’re delighted to welcome Professor Michael Farthing, previously Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex, as new Chairman of the West Pier Trust.  Professor Michael Farthing has a distinguished background in medicine, both as a physician and an academic, in a career spanning more than 30 years. Before moving to Sussex he was Principal of…
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Intransience art work

Intransience: The art of memory

A multimedia installation examining the legacy of the West Pier is currently in progress, which asks – How do places survive through stories? And what if we could, collectively, decide how the West Pier will be remembered? A site-specific immersive installation, the work aims to create a debate around the construction of a legacy for a place…
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Golden beginnings for new West Pier heritage centre

Work is underway for the development of a new promenade space which celebrates the West Pier and its history. Opening this summer, the site, which lies east of BAi360, will feature a ‘Golden Spiral’ made up of salvaged West Pier columns.  Once restored, an original 1866 West Pier kiosk will also become a key feature of the scheme.…
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