What we do

The West Pier Trust was created in 1978. It is a charity and a limited company which owns the pier and the rights that attach to it. It is non-profit making. Our aims are:


Celebrating the past

The West Pier Trust is committed through education and conservation to preserving and celebrating the history of the West Pier.

Our plans are to:

  • Reinstate on the prom next to Brighton i360 one of the kiosks saved as a permanent memory of Britain’s most beautiful pier
  • Hold exhibitions and events to celebrate the history of the West Pier
  • Continue to develop our schools programme

Managing the present

The Trust is responsible for the remains of the pier and the administration of the site.

This includes:

  • Being the landlord for Brighton i360. This gives us an income and a partnership which provides a firm foundation and enables us to plan for the future
  • Managing our responsibilities for the near-shore wreckage of the original pier
  • Establishing a base for the Trust in a seafront arch to build our profile and promote our activities

Planning the future

The Trust is exploring the creation of a new contemporary West Pier for Brighton which complements and enhances the character of the city.

We will oversee:

  • Proposals and ideas for a financially viable new structure
  • Consultation with the people of Brighton on our plans for the future
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