West Pier seafront community takes shape: Meet Michael Bremner from new restaurant Murmur

Murmur restaurant

Great British Menu 2017 winner and 64degrees founder Michael Bremner has just opened a new restaurant overlooking the West Pier and Golden Spiral. Named Murmur after the famous West Pier starlings and their breathtaking ‘murmurations’, the restaurant has already received rave reviews for its beautiful setting and honest cooking. Michael talks to us about what brought him to Brighton, and working in the shadow of the city’s legendary landmark.

Murmur restaurant   Murmur restaurant

I would consider Brighton my home as much as anywhere – it’s where I met my partner, Carla, and where we’ve started our family with our two little girls. After training in my hometown in Aberdeenshire I moved down to London to carry on with my training and to get more experience. I worked in a few different kitchens and lived there for a while but after a few years I really got tired of living there. I then went travelling around Australia and when I came back I decided to look for work in Brighton as I’d really enjoyed myself when I came to visit, and I’ve pretty much been here ever since.

When we first came to have a look at the site the location and potential was amazing and we were so excited to be a part of the new development down here. It was while I was working in another restaurant on the seafront about ten years ago that I met Carla, so when we saw the space being advertised we thought we had to go for it.

We’d only been open a month when bank holiday weekend came around and the weather was incredible. Though I genuinely forgot how tough it can be when the sun comes out! It meant we saw almost double the amount of people through the door than we were expecting so it was insanely busy. It was amazing though, and we really are loving being back down on Brighton beach again – the view from the restaurant is stunning too.

Murmur restaurant

The seafront beside the West Pier is already looking so much better. It’s obvious that the council are putting a lot of work into redeveloping the seafront and it’s really exciting to be a part of it. I’ve mentioned in the past that the beachside culture of places like Australia and California is amazing so to get somewhere close to that would be great. Unfortunately we’re held back by the weather a little bit so we have to adapt to that, but there’s no reason we can’t improve what we have at the moment.

Murmur restaurant

For more information and booking please contact Murmur restaurant.

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