Stanley Watson & Diane ‘Magic’s Royal Couple’

Stanley and Diane Watson were regular performers at the theatre. Their last summer season show was around 1969/70.

They where called ‘Magic’s Royal Couple’ because Stanley used to eat light bulbs off a replica of the coronation Crown, then brought them out of his mouth on a string lit up! He also floated the Royal Orb around the stage (see photos below).

The show was put on by theatre impresario, Alan Gale who was the father of Peter Duncan of Blue Peter fame. The show also included Gary Webb who was a female impersonator (Danny La Rue was in the audience to see him and came back stage after the show and asked Stanley and Diane to appear in his London night club).

Stanley and Diane used to appear with many of the big names at the pier. Their son Calvin remembers playing cowboys and indians with Max Wall.

Stanley had had been a magician since 1943 when he used to entertain the troops in the far east, when in the RAF with comedian Harry Worth (who then was a ventriloquist). He died August 2009 ages 84 whilst sitting up in bed showing the Yeovil hospital staff magic tricks. Diane lives in Dorset.

Kindly supplied by their son Calvin Watson

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