Photographs, Films and Memories

The Trust is launching a new drive to build up its archive with the aim of creating as full a picture as possible of the operating West Pier.

We are especially interested in personal photographs, film and memories of people who used the pier from pleasure or worked for the pier company.

Do you have any photos including family snapshots or postcards or film taken on or near the West Pier which you would be happy for us to publish on our website? Or could you send us a written account of your memories of the pier?

We also wish to create an oral history of the pier and are looking to interview people who used the pier up to its closure in 1975.

If you would like to participate in this archive programme please get in touch or 01273 321499.

You can also submit photos via our online form.

We are also planning a special, one-off memory collection event as part of the Heritage Open Day celebrations on 12th September – more news on this later in the year.

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