West Pier Trust Fragment Sale

Visit Brighton’s West Pier Centre on Saturday 2nd March 2019 between 1-5 pm  for the next fragment sale, when a further collection of retrieved pieces from the West Pier will be offered for sale to the general public. These are beautiful and unique cast iron fragments with some minor damage. There is a limited selection available and all funds raised will go towards the restoration of an octagonal kiosk that was once a magnificent part of Eugenius Birch’s original masterpiece.
The Trust plans to use the kiosk as the home for Britain’s first Seaside Learning Centre, building on and expanding our long-established programme of activities, talks, lectures, guided tours and exhibitions for both adults and children. It will also respond to the seasonal requirements of the city: offering gallery and performance space during the Brighton Festival, Punch and Judy workshops during the summer, a base for photographic studies of the pier head ruin and the starling murmuration in the winter.  Book Here via Eventbrite
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