Starling Murmurations

The best show in Brighton, and totally free. From November through to March, thousands of starlings gather every night and perform their incredible dance. Alex Bamford is one of many Brighton photographers who head to the seafront training his camera on the action, hoping to capture these fleeting moments in rapidly failing light. The best time to see these aerial displays is in the early evening, just before dusk.  

Watch Alex’s  video of starlings murmurating over the sea at Brighton Palace Pier. The footage is duplicated 64 times and moved on one frame each to create starling trails. You’ll see two seconds of flight at any one time.

For more extraordinary starling trails visit Alex Bamford Photography


BRIGHTON is famous for its iconic murmuration of starlings over the pier each winter, and people travel from far and wide to enjoy this wonderful natural spectacle. But tragically, our starlings are vanishing before our eyes, and Brighton’s murmuration could be lost altogether as soon as 2026. Save our starlings, sign the petition today 

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