Justin Hill’s Photos of the Pier

Justin is a Brighton photographer who regularly tweets stunning photos of the pier. Their hallmark is a powerful atmosphere of faded beauty in a remarkable natural landscape. Last week he posted one taken during an extreme low perigee tide. Justin wrote:

Perigee tides occur three to four times a year. They don’t always coincide with the sunset but when the two do happen together and you find yourself on Brighton beach the results are absolutely jaw dropping. Last week I found myself down on the sands of the famous seaside resort and looking on in awe along with many others. Shimmering sands and sparkling water mixed with an explosive sunset which turned us all into dark shapes. The most incredible part of the whole experience was finding that we could all get close to the twisted ruins of the West Pier (built in 1866). The last time I was that near to the ‘theatre’ I was actually on the pier (it closed to the public in 1975).

Shadow People
Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

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