i360 Funding Approved

The West Pier Trust is delighted that Councillors have voted in favour of a funding scheme that will cost the tax payer nothing, regenerate a key but blighted city site and send out a loud message that Brighton is open for business.

i360 construction will start in weeks and a new era can finally begin. The famous West Pier site, home to the finest British pier will once again boast an innovative and stylish attraction worthy of its predecessor. And Brighton’s proud reputation for being a progressive city that punches above its weight will be boldly reinstated.

Glynn Jones, Chairman of the Trust said

“I and the rest of the WPT are truly delighted that in this marvellous City by the Sea, the Council has agreed to give the Brighton I the green light. This was a brave decision at a difficult time but I have no doubt that its courage will directly help kick start the local economy and demonstrate that once again Brighton and Hove has reinvented itself and is leading the way in 21st century sustainable tourism.”

The i360 will also create interest in the sea-based site and the West Pier Trust will be in a strong position to consider new ideas for its development.

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