Fragments Feedback Appeal

Jodhi Doherty writes

I am a freelance writer and I’m really interested in speaking to some people who have bought the pieces of the West
Pier to include in an article which is about where the different parts have ended up.  The piece would include a short interview with them and if
possible a photo – depending on their location.  The article is then to feature on the BrightonLite website (but it is also possible
that it will be commissed by another publication).  If it is possible for you to put a notice on your website than that would be fantastic asking if
people would like to share their story of what kind of piece they have bought and it’s new home.

This story I hope will not only be one of public interest but a document of the ever-changing history of the West Pier and as a Brightonian this is a subject I hold dear to my heart.

If you would like to take part in this please contact Rachel at or 01273 321499



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