Flea-Pits & Picture Palaces 28/7/22

Flea-Pits & Picture Palaces: The history of cinema-going in Brighton & Hove

The fascinating history and expansion of cinema and cinema-going from the early pioneers who lived and filmed in Brighton, Hove and Shoreham (where cinema experiments started), to the ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ era of the Fifties where the youth of Brighton congregated round the Clock Tower and the Regent – both cinema and ballroom. Relive those nostalgic memories of cinema-going in Brighton!

Sarah Tobias, who lives in Brighton,’ teaches and lectures on a wide range of social and cultural subjects from Georgian to 1950s British history, including fashion history, cinema and cinemagoing, Art Deco and Modernism and local history. She also writes and is an occasional dramatic narrator, costumed role player, playwright and filmmaker.

Ticket price includes complimentary glass of wine or soft drink.

Image: Savoy Cinema – Grand Junction Rd, Brighton.

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