A Unique Offer

 We are hoping that construction will begin on the i360 this year and in anticipation of that we need to prepare the site. In the 1990s a great deal of cast iron material was rescued from the pier and stored in our compound. Much of this material will be needed for the heritage elements of the i360 scheme and for the Trust’s proposed heritage centre which will be sited in an original 1866 pier kiosk. During the summer all the pieces essential to these plans and spares were removed to a new storage area. There remains a great deal of original pier material which will not be needed for the Trust’s future heritage proposals and which, when a start date is announced for i360 construction, will have to be disposed of within a fixed timescale. In anticipation of this and not wishing to carry out the exercise under pressure, the Trust has decided to offer for sale a limited amount of the material which is definitely surplus to requirements. Trust members were given the first opportunity to purchase these West Pier fragments and now we would like to extend the offer to the general public. Viewing is by appointment only. If you are interested in buying a unique fragment of the pier please contact rachel@westpier.co.uk or 01273 321499 for information on dates and times.

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