Soaring over the West Pier: Drone Filming West Pier Ruins – 1st February 2024

In 2023 Sam Moore filmed the West Pier one early May morning in glorious sunshine and at an extreme low tide. Most of the structure was brilliantly lit and exposed to view.

In the 157 years since the pier opened in 1866 110,000 tides have risen and fallen around the structure.

This film provides the closest and most detailed look at the remains of the pier in the 20 years since the two infernos of 2003 turned it into an inaccessible ruin. We didn’t know what the film would reveal or what we would find. The results were extraordinary.

This talk, by Sam Moore and Fred Gray, the Trust’s historian, shows extended drone footage and and discusses what is revealed and how the five minute film on the Trust’s website was put together.

Ticket includes complimentary glass of wine.

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