Brighton's West Pier

For almost a century and a half the West Pier has been Britain’s most iconic pier. Renowned for its wonderful architectural style, it has been visited and enjoyed by millions. Even today with its sculptural remains casting an eerie beauty over the seafront, the West Pier is still the most photographed building in Brighton.


Golden beginnings for new West Pier heritage centre

Work is underway for the development of a new promenade space which celebrates the West Pier and its history.

Opening this summer, the site, which lies east of BAi360, will feature a ‘Golden Spiral’ made up of salvaged West Pier columns.

Once restored, an original 1866 West Pier kiosk will also become a key feature of the scheme.

celebrating the past

The West Pier Trust is committed through education and conservation to preserving and celebrating the history of the West Pier.

managing the present

The West Pier Trust is responsible for the remains of the pier and the administration of the site.

planning the future

The West Pier Trust is investigating the creation of  a new contemporary West Pier for Brighton which complements and enhances the character of the city.

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