Brighton’s West Pier and i360

For almost a century and a half the West Pier has been Britain’s most iconic pier. Renowned for its wonderful architectural style, it has been visited and enjoyed by millions. Even today with its sculptural remains casting an eerie beauty over the seafront, the West Pier is still the most photographed building in Brighton.

Opening in 1866 as a simple promenade pier, by the early twentieth century with the addition of a theatre and concert hall, it had become a thriving centre of seaside entertainment. By the late 1920’s the fully developed West Pier was enjoying its glamorous heyday.

With the outbreak of the second world war, and the changed circumstances of its aftermath, the fortunes of the West Pier began to decline. As the fashion for foreign holidays took hold in the 50’s and 60’s, the neglected pier fell into disrepair. Declared unsafe, the grand old lady was closed to the public in 1975.

West Pier Consultation Report

The public consultation on a new West Pier took place between September 2014 and February 2015. Its starting point was the document ‘A new West Pier? A Bridge to the Future’. Here is the report containing the Trust’s findings. It makes recommendations and suggests next steps. Read more  »

Activities for Schools

The West Pier Trust works with schools. We provide KS 1 & 2 sessions, talks, tours and activities at the Fishing Museum, West Pier site or on school premises at any time of the year.


Brighton's i360

The i360 – Brighton and Hove’s Eye to the Future, Find out about the new world-beating landmark is poised to adorn Brighton and Hove’s historic seafront.

West Pier Archive

Visit our photographic archive of the Pier. The photos range from the late 19th Century to through to photos showing the pier before the collapsed and the fire.

History of the Pier

Find out about the history of the Pier from it’s design in 1866 by Eugenius Birch to the collapse and fire 2002/3

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