West Pier Artists' Application Form

West Pier Centre
Kings Rd, Brighton, BN1 2FL


For exhibitors at the West Pier Centre managed by the West Pier Trust (WPT)
  • All work must be framed and ready to hang with a string fixing on the back
  • WPT’s insurance covers individual items up to the value of £100 while on our premises. If you would like a higher level of cover, you are advised to take out your own insurance.
  • The sale of any work exhibited in the exhibition by you will be subject to a payment of 30% commission (“the Commission”) to WPT. The commission will be charged on the sales price of such work. Commission payments to WPT will be deducted from the sale before monies are paid to you. Payments to you will be made within 30 days of the close of the exhibition for works collected.
  • If a purchaser does not, or cannot, collect the work from the venue at the agreed time then you will be responsible for collecting the work and arranging delivery to, or collection by, the purchaser. Unsold work must be collected by you at the agreed time and date. WPT will not be able to store works for you and will not be responsible for arranging delivery back to you.

Any disputes relating to a sale of your work should be resolved directly between you and the purchaser without WPT’s involvement.

If any unsold work has not been removed within 14 days of the final collection date for exhibited works (including any adjusted date as notified by WPT), the work will be deemed to have been abandoned by you and WPT shall be entitled, without notifying you, to sell or otherwise dispose of such work and to use the proceeds of the sale towards WPT’s fundraising work.

  • Your submission must be of your own work and if it transpires that you have used another artist’s work, WPT reserves the right to withdraw the work from the forthcoming exhibition.
  • By submitting a work, you confirm that you hold all intellectual property rights in the work and that you have obtained any third party consents required for the use of third party-owned material contained in the work.

If you do not own all of the rights, title and interest in and to a work, you must expressly inform WPT in writing of all relevant details concerning all other third parties’ rights to that work. You shall indemnify WPT against all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses in respect of claims made by third parties alleging partial or total ownership of the work or any rights in the work, including intellectual property rights.

  • WPT reserves the right to deny admission or withdraw a work from the exhibition if for any reason the work, or any circumstances surrounding the display of the work, appear to WPT to expose it to potential or actual damage to its reputation, risk of legal proceedings or enforcement including, without limitation, the alleged breach of third-party intellectual property rights.

WPT may accept or decline any work submitted for the exhibition entirely at its own discretion and WPT’s decision is final.

By submitting a work, you consent to WPT for the following purposes:
  1. taking an image of, filming or making available the whole or any part of the work, including but not limited to the right to include the work in any broadcast (and rebroadcast) by any broadcaster (including but not limited to the BBC) and any licensees of any broadcaster.
  2. filming, broadcasting and/or reproducing the whole or any part of the work for archival, educational, publicity, items for sale and marketing (including without limitation on the website, exhibition posters, leaflets, private view cards, postcards, and all forms of social media), press, signage.
  3. and reproducing the whole or any part of the image(s) which you have supplied to WPT for the purposes set out above.
    By submitting a work, you agree that members of the public will be allowed to take photographs of the work (alone or in combination with other works) for personal and non-commercial use during the exhibition period. WPT will not be responsible for any use by visitors of images of the work, including where such images are exploited commercially in violation of the permission given, or in any other way, and in such circumstances, it is up to the artist and/or you to defend your intellectual property rights in the work and any other applicable rights.

West Pier Autumn 2024 exhibition

Please read the terms and conditions and complete this form in full by 21 June.

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