i360 - A new world-beating landmark to adorn Brighton and Hove’s historic seafront.

The Future

Since the 2003 arson attacks and the almost complete destruction of the pier, the skeletal ruin of the Pavilion has become an iconic feature of Brighton’s seafront. Its unique desolate beauty makes it much discussed, wondered about and photographed. It has been too dangerous to access since the fires and cannot be maintained. Over the coming years it will be reclaimed by nature and will inevitably degenerate and decay. The Trust has no intention of removing the remains unless overwhelming safety issues arise.

The Trust has not given up on rebuilding the pier. It expects that  the i360 and the greatly enhanced footfall it will stimulate, will generate solid interest in redeveloping the pier. The Trust is optimistic that eventually the West Pier site will boast two major attractions – i360 and a new West Pier and in 2014 it will consult its members and the wider public on possible feasible options for a new pier.

Meanwhile, we welcome your photographs of this key Brighton seamark as a record of its decline but also, where appropriate, to add to the gallery on our website. If you would like to send any photos please click here »


The Brighton i360, A new world-beating landmark is poised to adorn Brighton and Hove’s historic seafront. Read more »

West Pier Kiosk

The West Pier Kiosk will be a focal part of the landscaping scheme either side of the i360. Read more